Wedding Location

The wedding ceremony will take place in a small town above Bellagio named Civenna. We recommend staying in Bellagio to be able to experience the beauty of Lake Como. We will provide shuttles to and from Bellagio and Civenna on the wedding day.

Just so there is no confusion, Como is also the name of the biggest town located on Lake Como. Even though you are certainly going to Lake Como, if you just say Como you will end up somewhere different! Guests want to go to Bellagio, not Como.

Here is a great website to get your planning started!

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Airport and Travel Information

The fastest/easiest option is to fly into Milan (MXP). Then to arrive in Bellagio (or wherever you are staying) there are some options.

  • You can rent a car at the airport, however a car is not necessary once you're in Lake Como (see below for more info).
  • You can hire a private transfer to take you directly to your destination This is definitely the easiest. A van will fit 8 people and the cost is about 185 Euros.(Linked here). You may also contact our driver in Bellagio and he will pick you up at MXP. His name is Martino and you can contact him on Whatsapp for availability and pricing. Tell him you are attending the wedding at beautiful Villa Ponti BellaVista +39 333 274 3844
  • You can take a train to Como (the town of Como) from the airport and then the ferry to Bellagio. This will be the most affordable, beautiful, and adventurous option ~€25 per person. We have done this multiple times and it's quite feasible to navigate! The hardest part is managing your luggage so keep that in mind. The train takes an hour and there is one transfer in Saronno mid-journey (Linked here). It is a stunning ferry ride from Como to Bellagio! Depending on the ferry schedule, there is a slow boat (batallo) and a fast boat (hydrofoil) to Bellagio. The slow boat takes about 2 hours and the fast boat about 45 minutes. You want to take the slow boat! It is beautiful and relaxing and you can sit outside. The fast boat will get you there, you sit inside without a view. If this is the option you choose, reach out and we can provide exact instructions with every step along the way for you once you have your flight arrival time in Milan.
  • If you are spending time in Milan before coming to Lake Como (so will not be at the airport) there is a direct train from Milan Central (Linked here). Again if this is your plan please reach out and we can share some helpful details.

You can also fly into Zurich (ZRH) if you would like to enjoy some of the Swiss Alps along your way! Again, you can rent a car, ~3 hour drive or take the train down to Lugano and a bus over to Lake Como ~5.5 hours (Linked here) We have also done this route once before and it too is very manageable.

Getting Around Lake Como

You may rent a car if you choose but it's not necessary - you can explore most of Lake Como without one! Ferries are the main modes of transportation- they're easy, efficient, and inexpensive. Each town is walkable and there are taxis if you ever need one. However if you don't feel comfortable navigating public transportation with luggage from the airport then a car would be a good option.

Where to Stay in Lake Como

There is a plethora of adorable little towns you can stay in all around Lake Como so adventure as you choose! However, Bellagio and the two nearby towns, Varenna, & Menaggio, are some of the main hot spots. If you choose to stay in Varenna or Menaggio the ferry runs all day to Bellagio and only takes 15 min (5 euros each way) to each of these towns. We do recommend staying in Bellagio Saturday night of the wedding, as the ferries stop running between 8pm-11pm depending on where you are staying.

Hotels in Bellagio

Here are a few we recommend.

Seta Hotel

We have all of the rooms blocked for us at this hotel. Rates are 140 euros per night for a double, includes breakfast. Please reach out to us if you wish to book. You will not be able to book online. It will state it is full.

Restaurant de l'hotel Florence


Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni


Hotel Du Lac



There are plenty of Airbnbs to choose from- would highly recommend going this route!